Targus All-in-One Universal Plug Adapter

Color Black

Material Polycarbonate plastic

Other Easy Transportation – Flexible, can be broken apart for ease of portability

Size Length: 2.37” Diameter: 1.85”

Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty

Weight 3.5 oz


Out of stock


The World Power Travel Adapters create a universal solution that allows you to connect to any standard wall outlet worldwide. Simply attach any of the three interchangeable adapters to your device’s AC power cord. Adapters included are for use in North America, Europe, UK, Australia and Asia Pacific. A storage tube is also included for ease of portability. They also feature red safety shutters for protection against accidental contact with electrical current and are made of high impact durable polycarbonate plastic. Travel light around the world with one set of universal power adapters for all of your powering needs.

UK plug (A) contains a grounded pin and can be used with grounded devices.

Interchangeable – Universal faceplates compatible with standard wall outlets worldwide

Three interchangeable adapters constructed of high impact, durable, VO rated polycarbonate plastic

Compact design, ideal for travel

Voltage rating: 250 VAC

Maximum current rating: 10 Amps

Worldwide voltage compatible (110 VAC-250 VAC)

Protection – Red safety shutters provide protection against accidental contact with electrical current

A previous user guide for several of our products incorrectly listed Tibet and Taiwan as independent countries. This error was recently corrected. We regret any confusion this error may have caused.