iBall Speakers i2-460 (Ver 2.0)

  1. The i2-460 are the just the speakers you need to amplify the musical colour in your life. It is one of sturdy looking speakers with Enhanced High Quality audio output.Quite compact speaker which make your entire living room beam with colours. Available in 4 splashing colours – Black, Blue, Yellow and White.  Compatible with wide range of devices including but not limited by, laptops, phones, mp3 players, etc. The i2-460 are also headphones enabled!


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* Features – Sleek and sturdy design
* High quality audio output
* With headphone jack
* Easily connects to PC, MP3 Players, Walkmans etc.

  1. Speakers – 2 speakers
  2. Speaker Driver Unit – 3” Full range speaker driver
  3. PMPO Output Power – 460 Watts PMPO
  4. Magnetically Shielded – Yes
  5. Frequency Response – 65Hz-20KHz
  6. Inputs – Stereo input
  7. Control Panel Functions – Power, Volume