K7 Total Security Plus 10pc 1year

  1. Award winning protection for all your devices.
  2. Parental control to keep your kids safe online.
  3. Secure online banking and shopping.
  4. Advanced protection with anti-theft features for mobile devices.


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  • Antivirus and Anti Spyware
  • Secure your devices from blended threats. Proactively prevents attacks from malicious websites and monitors the system and network for potential threats in real time.


  • Cloud Based Protection
  • Using Cloud-based technology, K7 guarantees maximum speed and efficiency for the best user experience.
  • Manage security with ease using our cloud-based console which secures devices anywhere, anytime.
  • Smart Firewall
  • The Smart Firewall with stealth capabilities that monitors and protects all communications between your computer and other computers on the Internet,
  • implementing a smart intrusion detection system to stop network-based attacks, with an automatic decision capability when connected to trusted applications.
  • Identity Shield
  • Personal information such as passwords, bank account credentials that are entered by users on websites will remain safe and untraceable.
  • Preserves your online identity from phishing websites and spyware.


  • Keylogger Detection

K7 helps you detect secret keyloggers that could have been installed in your computer.


  • Category Based Web Blocking
  • Block access to a particular site or a group of sites based on categories.
  • Hosted on the cloud, more than 20 million domains have been categorized into 65 website categories and these are constantly updated.
  • Performance Tools
  • System performance tune up – A tune up tool that digs deep into your system and tunes your system to work at maximum capacity.
  • Disk Optimizer – Cleans your hard disk, clearing old junk files, improving data access, PC performance and extends hard disk life.
    Temp file cleaner – Rids your PC of the temporary files that accumulate that have been left behind. Using this tools periodically improves system performance.
  • Upgrade for free
  • K7’s Total Security Plus is a version free product, which unlike other products in the market, does not add additional costs when a version upgrade is released. K7 gives free version upgrades during the license period.


  • Email Protection

Scans every single mail for hidden malware in the attachments. Uses Bayesian filters to detect spam. Also enables you to block unwanted emails.

Scan every single mail for hidden malware in the attachments.

  • K7 Secure Transact
  • E-commerce operations are made safer by ensuring complete protection during online transactions on online banking sites
  • payment services and online shopping sites.
  • Website Filtering
  • Use K7’s web filters to filter inappropriate content from websites.


  • Mobile Security
  • K7 Mobile Security offers complete protection from malware infection, without compromising device performance. Blocks malicious websites and stops hostile codes to access confidential data from your device. Also allows you to blacklist and block calls.
  • Mobile tracking software locates stolen devices and enables you to interact and remotely block access to your devices.

Burglar Alarm remotely triggers a loud alarm to scare off thieves while Remote Operations Access allows you to Lock / Unlock / Wipe Data / Trigger alarms from trusted mobile numbers of friends or family.

  • Storage Protection for mobile devices

Auto scans and cleans malware in both internal memory and external cards.


  • Utility Tools
  • Start up Apps manager – Enables easy manageability of your start up apps on your mobile device. Improving the speed of your device.

Virtual keyboard – Use the virtual keyboard on data entry portals, preventing spyware from capturing sensitive user data.
Secure Delete – A shredder for your digital data. Shred unwanted files that contain sensitive data, making it impossible for anyone to retrieve it.
Activity history eraser – Use of virtual keyboard on data entry portals can prevent spyware from capturing sensitive user data.

  • K7 Cerebro Scan Engine

Zero day protection by our Ultra-fast, incredibly intelligent Cerebro scanning engine. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning to proactively detect not only existing threats but also new emerging threats.

All these activities are done in real time.

  • Parental Control

You can restrict/ block and set the timings for internet access, control which applications/games are used and monitor your child’s application usage.

Keep your kids safe in the digital environment.

  • Application Control

With K7’s application control feature, you can restrict, prevent and monitor the applications that run on your system.


  • External Device Protection

Control feature that regulates access and permission to read, write, autorun from and to an external device.


  • Anti Theft Technology for mobile devices

Device Tracker – Tracking software locates stolen devices and can interact with your devices remotely to block access to all information.

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Burglar Alarm – Remotely triggers an alarm to indicate that the device is stolen.
Remote Operations – Access your stolen phone to Lock / Unlock / Wipe Data / Trigger alarms.
Report unauthorized access – Change of SIM by illegal users is reported to the server.

  • USB Protection

Auto scans USB media for concealed threats and vaccinates USB devices from getting infected.

Auto scans USB media for concealed threats and vaccinates USB devices from getting infected.