PORtronics Car Power 7 Car Charging with Dual output (PD + Quick Charge) 20W Max Output Por 1554

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  • Clutter-Free Car, Compact and Portable Accessories a must: Having a spacious car is truly convenient and it includes having car accessories that are size friendly and portable. If you love things that are compact yet powerful, then Car Power 7 car mobile charger is going to change the way you use accessories! A PD or QC compatible charging port, it can charge devices with 20W strength in under 30 minutes.
  • Compatible With Most Cars: No matter what car you drive, when it comes to accessories, finding the right one is definitely a task. Keeping this in mind, compatibility remains prime and Car Power 7 delivers rightly in this case.
  • Compact Body, Enhanced Performance: Car Power 7 is a sleek and sturdy built charging port that is highly compact. Although small in size, the performance is highly elevated and works faster than most of its contemporaries.
  • 20W Fast Charging: is more than enough to charge most of the devices. It works best for devices that have the threshold of 20W and the devices charge up just as quickly.
  • Dual Output (PD and QC): No matter what category your device falls in, the charging port can charge them up. It supports both PD quick charging and QC as well, which makes the port widely compatible as well.
  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty