HDD Hard Case with Shockproof Lining for 2.5 inch Portable Hard Drive – Black

* Hard case shell gives full protection to your HDD from any kind of damage.
* Elastic band keeps the HDD securely tightened in the case.
* Separate section to carry the USB cable & pen drive.
* Water proof & shock proof design.
* Fits up to 2.5″ portable HDD.


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  • Neopack’s HDD case is a stylish and durable protector for your portable memory device. It offers a tough exterior that protects your hard drive from bumps and jostles. Additionally, its soft inner lining keeps your hard drive free of scratches. This case features an inner pocket for a connecting USB cable or other accessories like a pen drive. The case design makes it easy to insert and remove your hard drive and strong elastic bands keep your device strongly tightened in the case. Moreover, it’s waterproof, so we’ve got your back!.