Mini Display to HDMI Adapter Honeywell

  1. Bandwidth of 3 GBPS
  2. Supports HDMI 1.4
  3. Supports 4K X 2K resolution
  4. 24K Gold Plated


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• Supports DisplayPort1.2 and 4 lanes.
• Support DisplayPort 1.2a input and HDMI1.4b output.
• Support HDMI highest video resolution 4Kx2K• Supports multiple color format:RGB 6/8/10/12-bit per .component(bpc) and YCbCr4:4:4, YCbCr4:2:2,8/10/12bpc.
• HDMI 1.4b compliant with maximum data rate 3.0Gbps.
• Supports 10/12-bit deep color 1080p up to 2.25Gbps.
• Content protection of HDCP Rx and Tx keys to support HDCP repeater.
• DVI 1.0 transmitter support.
• Support up to 8 channel LPCM, compressed audio (AC-3, DTS) and HBR audio format.
• Supports up to 192 kHz audio frame rate and up to 24-bit audio sample size.
• Integrated both HDCP Rx and Tx keys to support HDCP repeater.
• Powered from DisplayPort source.
• Weight : 50 gms.
• Dimension (LXWX H ) :  220 X  22  X 12 mm.
• 3-year warranty.