PORtronics Brillo 3 Lamp with wireless charger POR 1557

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BRILLO 3 Lamp with Wireless Charger

  • Multifarious Devices The Need Of Hour: Having a separate device to serve different purposes used to be the case earlier. But now having multifarious devices that can multitask, has become the new normal. A lamp that charges wirelessly is definitely the apex in such devices. Brillo 3 the 2-in-1 gadget will save the hassle of having a separate bedside lamp and a charger!
  • Charge Up With Wireless Charging 5W/7.5W/10W: If you have a device that can charge up wirelessly then Brillo 3 will do the work with a fraction of the effort. The lamp acts as a port for wireless charger up to the range of 10W.
  • Different Lamp Modes: The lamp can be used in three different modes for varied uses. The modes are warm light, warm light+white light, and white light. The modes can be changed according to the purposes that they serve.
  • Touch Control For Lamp Modes: The upper panel of the lamp is touch-sensitive and can be used to change the lamp light modes. Tap your way to change the modes on the lamp. The touch sensitivity is prime and hence it functions seamlessly when in use.
  • Durable 1M Cable: The lamp comes equipped with 1M long cable which allows a good range of usage. The cable is made out of TPE which enhances the durability of the cable and also ensures that overheating or over-voltage doesn’t happen.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Brillo 3 is a compact innovation that merely weighs at 176gms but when it comes to performance, it is top-notch! The brilliance it exudes as a lamp and a wireless charger complements its portability quite well!
  • Micro USB Input: The device has a dedicated micro USB input that acts as the bridge for the dispersal of the features of Brillo 3. The lamp which also has a wireless charging Pad is widely compatible owing to its input port!
  • Warranty – 12-months (1 Year)