PORtronics Charge Clamp 2 Mobile Holder with wireless charging 15W Max Output Por 1767

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Charge Clamp 2 – 15W Wireless Output!

  • Drive safe, drive easy – Enjoy your driving with safety with the Charge Clamp 2 mobile holder. Just fix your device in the holder and operate it at almost the same eye level. In other words, never get your eyes off the road while you drive.
  • Wireless charging support – With this mobile holder, charge your device wirelessly while you navigate your way with its wireless charging support. Charge Clamp 2 provides you with a 15W power output to wirelessly charge your devices efficiently.
  • No more tangles – Why entangle in the wires when you can clearly avoid it? This mobile holder comes with a 1-meter long charging cable to avoid you from getting entangled in wires while you drive.
  • Charge easy, charge better – No more worrying about how to deliver power to your devices because Charge Clamp 2 mobile holder comes with a Type-C charging slot. Just plug in the charger and charge the holder for efficient and fast power delivery to your devices.
  • Angles do not matter – Charge Clamp 2 mobile holder comes with an adjustable bottom support to give you multi-angle support while driving. No matter how you reach out to your device, you can always get to it easily.
  • LED display light – Get power indication with the LED display light of this mobile holder and keep a look on whether your devices are getting charged or not. This makes your drive easier by giving your better visual checks.
  • Stability and durability in one place – The sturdy ABS+PC manufacturing of the Charge Clamp 2 mobile holder gives it improved durability for the long run. Get enhanced portability with this lightweight mobile holder designed to prevent your device from falling off on bumps and jerks of the roads.
  • Warranty – 12 Months (1 Year)